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Crayon Fish in the Sea


Size: 20" x 23"

The fish and plant fabrics here all happened to be in a box I used several years ago for a collage workshop, so that was my starting palette. I started originally with a solid light grey background, then swapped it out for the patterned piece, also in grey — far more interesting, I thought — and the scraps of lacy blue flowed in to complete the picture and enhance the underwater feel. I rather like the primitive style of the fish, all different, and all that I have from that particular scrap of fabric!

And yes, that background "sea" fabric is the same as in the previous piece, Blue Trees by the Sea. I have a bit more of that, but not enough now for a piece of this size.

I got it done just in time for the December meeting of the Framingham Artists Guild — where it won the "Art of the Month" award!

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